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• The award-winning documentary (58 mins)
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What Critics Say About “The Return of Navajo Boy”
“Like a finely made rug, The Return of Navajo Boy contains multiple layers of color, construction, and meaning. . . A must see.”
       – Native Peoples Magazine

“This film should be part of any library collection. The film should be shown to as many as possible and made into school lessons.”
       – Michael W. Simpson, University of Arizona

“Not only did the film lead to the reunion of the Cly family with the long-lost John Wayne Cly, but it also brought public and legal attention to the issue of uranium mining, a former way of life in Monument Valley that has led to an alarmingly high cancer rate.”
       – Chicago Tribune

“I used this remarkable documentary in a large U.S. history survey course comprised mostly of students from Southeast Asian and Central American immigrant-refugee communities… this film is an instructive text for all of us living through this era of pervasive social disasters and profound displacements.”

       – Art Hansen, Professor of History, California State University

“A decade after its release and initial acclaim, the documentary “The Return of Navajo Boy” is still garnering attention and educating audiences about Native American issues, past and present.”
       – Oregon Gazette Times