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Gallup Independent: Residents Don't Want Radioactive Waste Landfill in Back Yard

Published: June 10, 2010
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Gallup Independent journalist Kathy Helms reported recently from a community meeting at Monument Valley Valley High School. Among those in attendance were Jason Musante from the US EPA, and the Begay family, featured in “The Return of Navajo Boy.”

Dine Bureau (June 10, 2010)

MONUMENT VALLEY, Utah – While Thursday’s meeting regarding cleanup of radioactive waste from the former Skyline Mine was sparsely attended by community residents, the message was clear: Not in my back yard!

Slopes near the foot of Oljato Mesa are covered with radioactive waste rock and waste ore that was either pushed over or fell from the top of the mesa where the 1940s-era mine was located. Portions of the cliff directly below the mine are visibly stained a gray-green color from former mining activity.

To read the full report in a PDF file, click here.

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