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"Navajo Boy" In The News

US Environmental Protection Agency

November 16, 2011

Map of Return of Navajo Boy Screenings

EPA To Clean Up Navajo Family's Backyard in 2011

It’s been a long time coming. In September the EPA committed funds to clean up the Skyline mine and all the high level radioactive waste in the backyard of Elsie Begay, the star of our documentary, “The Return of Navajo Boy“. EPA officials cited Elsie’s efforts and our campaign to educate others as the reason […]

Northwestern and Groundswell Build Water Website

Groundswell and Northwestern University’s Chemistry Department are building a website to offer water quality information to Navajo residents. The EPA has identified many contaminated water sources, but government data comes in scientific language that is not accessible to most residents. With support from the National Science Foundation, Northwestern Chemistry professor Franz Geiger contracted Groundswell to […]

Navajo Boy Makes Waves – New Book and French Premiere

This Fall The Return of Navajo Boy screened with Navajo guest speakers at sponsored public events in the Navajo Nation, Salt Lake City, Chicago; Portland, and France! In the Navajo Nation, Indian Health Service collaborates with Groundswell to engage audiences in remote communities impacted by uranium mining. Participants from the film, Elsie Begay, her son […]

Navajo Boy Correspondent Tommy Rock: How I Was Inspired to Study Uranium Contamination

I became interested in science from seeing the abandoned uranium mines in Oljato, Utah. My cousin and I used to go into these abandoned uranium mines to explore. We would go to the end of the mines if we can, that was our main objective. Why we did that was because we were both curious. […]

US Department of Justice Seeks Help Identifying Uranium Victims

The US Department of Justice recently posted an internship description on their website asking for students to help identify residents of Navajo Nation who have been impacted by the presence of abandoned uranium mines.