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Indigenous Uranium Activists Gather to Demand Cleanup

Published: September 28, 2009
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Indigenous uranium activists from all over the United States will gather from October 22nd through the 24th at The Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum in Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico.

Activists plan to use Groundswell Educational Films’ documentary, “The Return of Navajo Boy” with its new 15 minute epilogue as a tool to advance the campaign for toxic waste cleanup (DVD available for sale, individual discount available). Elsie Mae Begay, the Navajo grandmother who tells her family’s story in The Return of Navajo Boy, will present the film and participate in audience discussion. The screening is scheduled for Friday, October 23rd starting at 7PM.

Among the other attendees will be about a dozen Navajo grandmothers who recently demonstrated on the steps of Capitol Hill calling for compensation for the families of uranium-mining victims.

The forum, organized by Anna Rondon, is the 7th annual event bringing together Native American uranium activists working towards environmental justice. Conference organizers can be reached by calling (505) 726-9392 or by visiting

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