The Return of Navajo Boy

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"Navajo documentary mesmerizes"

Published: November 15, 2013
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The University of Connecticut screened The Return of Navajo Boy on campus for students on November 14th. The student newspaper, The Daily Campus reported:

A family of Navajo people from Monument Valley was filmed a few decades ago as part of a movie titled “The Navajo Boy.” Since then the family has lived through separation from a baby son, the dangers of uranium mines, and abandonment from a government that has taken so much away from them. Last night the Native American Cultural Society held a screening of the documentary “The Return of Navajo Boy” at the Dodd’s center.

The story returns to the Navajo family of “The Navajo Boy,” the Clys. As they explained the movie and the events that occurred during it, the film presents the tribulations the Navajo people have experienced in recent years. They have been exploited through the decades by their presentations in Western films and their uncompensated work in uranium mines within Monument Valley. On a positive note, thanks to the second film and screenings of “The Navajo Boy” the missing son of the Cly family was able to find them almost 40 years later. This is chronicled in the latter half of the “The Return of Navajo Boy,” which continues to show the exploitation and poor treatment of the Cly family and all Navajo people in the area.

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