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Our Doc Film has a Billion Dollar Impact, Plus Thousands Inspired to Become Food Patriots

Published: May 5, 2014
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At Groundswell Films we create powerful art, in-person experiences, well-told stories and amplify it all through digital and social media. We’re funny at times, but we are persistent, and engage deeply in the advocacy around our films.

If you believe in the power of art to transform lives and propel social change, then join us in building Groundswell! Here’s how we measure our impact.

A groundbreaking billion dollar result

Our film, The Return of Navajo Boy, empowered a Navajo-led legal campaign to catch a corporate contaminator responsible for 50 abandoned uranium mines on Navajo lands. The Navajo Nation won the largest environmental legal settlement in history – a billion dollar payout from Kerr McGee. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now used our film to illustrate the Navajo situation on her show titled A Slow Motion Genocide.

A powerful response to our new film, Food Patriots

After opening the Wisconsin Film Festival on April 3 to rave reviews, our new project, Food Patriots (see trailer) is sparking groundswells and changing lives. Through humor and humility Food Patriots inspires audiences to change by 10% the way they eat, buy and educate the next generation about food. See what people are saying! “The movie was a perfect balance of comedy, story, and critique. We particularly appreciated the positive spin on it all,” Sara Stewart RN MSN, Executive Director Unity Gardens Inc., South Bend, IN

CNN Headlines for The Greens

Headlines again! CNN sought more authentic Chicago stories for it’s new Chicagoland website. CNN selected Groundswell Associate Producer Sam Spitz’s new short film, The Greens. Here are two stories about the participants in The Greens, revealing real people behind stereotypes of gangs and violence.

Join us in creating art and media that transforms lives.

Your donation will help our artists create more films, reach underserved communities with events, and train people there to tell stories in ways that make a difference. Groundswell is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Thanks for helping Groundswell produce films and results.


Jennifer Amdur Spitz and Jeff Spitz
Co-Founders, Groundswell Educational Films

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