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Navajo Boy Moves Congress & Mountains

Published: June 27, 2011
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Check out our latest Navajo video dispatch from Monument Valley. It shows the US EPA’s cleanup in full swing. Groundswell correspondent Mary Begay follows US EPA project manager Jason Musante behind the scenes.

“This example and this project show that someone in Congress learned of the problem here and said go do that,” Musante says. “Now what’s been a really good way to bring that message forward is the documentary Navajo Boy.”

Here’s how you can support more webisodes

Groundswell continues to publicize the story through:

  • Webisodes, shot on flip cameras by Navajo participants and edited by Groundswell — view the whole series at
  • Generating media coverage for the issue (see headlines below)
  • And creating opportunities to screen the film and for Navajos to tell their story.

In August, Mary Begay, who shot this webisode, and Jeff Spitz, producer of The Return of Navajo Boy will keynote The Tribal Lands Forum, a national conference for tribal environmental professionals. Their keynote will focus on cross-cultural media, advocacy and environmental justice. Check our website for a listing of other presentations or to book a screening of your own.

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Here’s how you can support more webisodes

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