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Calling Attention to Navajo Voices

Published: August 29, 2011
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Dear Friends of Navajo Boy,

Three recent articles help Groundswell leverage more pressure to clean up radioactive uranium hazards on Navajo lands. “Let’s call attention to all the other Navajo communities that don’t have a film and a media campaign,” says Groundswell’s Navajo Community educator Mary Begay. Today, a multi-million dollar EPA cleanup is happening at Skyline mine, in the family compound of Elsie Mae Begay, featured in the film The Return of Navajo Boy. Groundswell is making plans to educate, train and organize other Navajo families to advocate too. Thank you for your support and contributions.

           — Jeff & Jennifer
          Groundswell Co-Founders

Navajo Times: Return of Navajo Boy Results in Uranium Cleanup

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Environmental News Service: Tribal Forum Views Film That Fights Uranium Contamination of Navajo Land

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Return of Navajo Boy to Play at Tribal Lands and Environment Forum

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