The Return of Navajo Boy

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"Navajo Boy" In The News

When Are Films Political: The Return of Navajo Boy

Sydney Levine at turns to Democracy Now and Amy Goodman’s story “A Slow Genocide” and asks the question, “When are films political?” Recently, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman published this story about the controversy over re-opening uranium mines on Navajo lands. The documentary, The Return of Navajo Boy, has been credited with bringing the issue […]

Democracy Now, "A Slow Genocide of the People": Uranium Mining Leaves Toxic Nuclear Legacy on Indigenous Land

Amy Goodman reports on Uranium Mining with The Return of Navajo Boy as a resource: Let’s turn to another clip from the film, The Return of Navajo Boy, the award-winning documentary produced by Jeff Spitz and Bennie Klain about the Cly family, Navajo who have suffered health problems due to environmental contamination. Here, we hear […]

Al Jazeera reports on Navajo Uranium Contamination

Al Jazeera reports: The vast reserves of uranium under Navajo Land have shaped the experiences of generations of Navajo, from the miners who were first employed to extract and refine the yellow ore to the families who still live with radioactive waste sites in their backyards. Approximately four million tons of uranium ore were extracted […]

Uranium Mines Dot Navajo Land, Neglected and Still Perilous

Happy Cly and the Unhappy History of Uranium Mining on the Navajo Reservation

Press Release: Navajo Boy Film and Media Campaign Guides EPA to Environmental Justice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Navajo Boy Film and Media Campaign Guides EPA to Environmental Justice Navajo Activist and Filmmaker Present their Story Today at EPA Headquarters       WASHINGTON DC — A documentary film and decade long media campaign by Groundswell Educational Films and a Navajo family opened eyes in Congress and paved the way this summer for […]

Farmington Daily Times: Enduring Tainted Fame

Farmington Daily Times: "Return of Navajo Boy" Shows Tonight

EPA Wraps Up Uranium Mine Cleanup on Navajo Nation

Salt Lake Tribune: Health Study is Part of Navajo Cleanups

Salt Lake Tribune: Cleanup Takes on Uranium Monster in Monument Valley

Salt Lake Tribune: Returning Evil to the Redrock

Oregon Daily Emerald: Film Brings Hope, Change to Navajo Nation and Beyond

Associated Press: Navajo Woman Helps Prompt Uranium Mine Cleanup

Gallup Independent: Cleaning Up the Skyline

Navajo Times: 'Return of Navajo Boy' Results in Uranium Cleanup

Press Release: Navajo Film & Media Campaign Win Clean Up of Uranium

Filmmaker and Navajo activist invited to teach tribal environmental leaders how to build new groundswells for action

Navajo Boy Screens in Brazil's Uranium Film Fest!

Read the press release here.

Gallup Independent: Recreating the "Skyline"

Gallup Independent: Cleanup of Skyline Mine a Long Time Coming

Gallup Independent: 'Navajo Boy' to be Shown at Environmental Justice Conference

Japan's Radioactive Nightmare Hits Home for American Navajos

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, D.C. — As Japan struggles to contain radioactive contamination, Groundswell is reminding Americans that over a thousand abandoned Cold War-era uranium mines still contaminate the American Southwest. The US Department of Energy will feature The Return of Navajo Boy project as a case study in film, media, public engagement and measurable […]

The Activist Writer: "A Successful Outreach Tool for Environmental Justice"

Salt Lake Tribune: EPA Cleanup of Navajo Backyards is a "Teachable Moment"

Salt Lake Tribune: A Legacy of Uranium, a Prayer for Healing

Columbia Chronicle: Documentary Uncovers Health Catastrophe

Gallup Independent: Oljato Mesa Chosen to Bury Uranium Mine Waste

Gallup Independent: Residents Don't Want Radioactive Waste Landfill in Back Yard

Gallup Independent: "Film Breaks Down Barriers Surrounding Uranium Legacy"

The New York Times: Uranium Contamination Haunts Navajo Country

*** Washington DC Premiere of "Return of Navajo Boy" Epilogue

September 25th, 2008

Gallup Independent: Navajo Boy Returns

LA Times: A Peril That Dwelt Among the Navajos

EPA Destroys Radioactive Hogan

Dine’ CARE

Associated Press: Film Exposes Family, Land History

The Chicago Reader: Mystery in the Desert

Reuters: U.S. To Pay Workers for Uranium Radiation Exposure

Arizona Daily Wildcat: Cly Family Struggles for Uranium Compensation

Gallup Independent: The Return of Navajo Boy

The Navajo Times: Sundance Film Festival Applauds The Return of Navajo Boy

Chicago Tribune: Film Works a Healing Miracle of its Own

Farmington Daily Times: Navajo Man Finds Family After 41 Years

Popular Mechanics: The Navajos Hunt Big Game… Uranium