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Salt Lake Tribune: Cleanup Takes on Uranium Monster in Monument Valley

Published: October 15, 2011
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Salt Lake Tribune reporter Judy Fahys delivers a new update about the work in Monument Valley to clean up the Skyline Mine near Elsie Mae Begay’s home:

In some people’s minds, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cleanup this summer signaled the federal government has at long last started owning up to its obligations to the Navajos. Next week dump trucks and dozers will be done stuffing the evil back into the redrock.

And the unseen demons will be vanquished from the mythic landscape.

Mary Holiday is happy the uranium has been returned to Oljato Mesa, out of sight from the cluster of family homes below Skyline.

“It’s better,” she said, her daughter Daisy translating from Navajo, “that it’s been taken back where it came from instead of putting it back in another place where it is a danger.”

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