The Return of Navajo Boy

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University of Wisconsin Center for Culture, History and Environment

Published: October 8, 2010
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The University of Wisconsin Center for Culture, History and Environment (CHE) will be hosting a screening of “The Return of Navajo Boy” on Wednesday, October 13th at 6PM in the 123/5 Bradley Memorial building on campus. The CHE website announcement reads:

To kick off a year in which the CHE place-based workshop will be focused on environmental health we will be screening Jeff Spitz’s powerful documentary The Return of Navajo Boy. We showed the film at Tales from Planet Earth 2007, but since then an important new epilogue has been added to the film to show how the film has led to a renewed campaign for environmental justice for Native American tribes affected by uranium mining. A film about the power of film; about environmental justice; and about the interplay between people, landscapes, and images, Return of Navajo Boy is the perfect narrative for provoking discourse central to CHE’s mission.

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